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Re: To Test, or not to Test

Donna Grant wrote: View Post
Testing isn't for YOU. Testing is so that your Sensei (and maybe his Sensei) can see your strengths and weaknesses (and maybe recognize some issues in their instruction!). HarlieG
I think it depends on a few things. Tests are for the student too. Being put on the spot; performng on demand is a valuable lesson after all.
I think in more than a few cases tests are a major source of income, but they also provide an organizational system for measuring ability, though it varies from group to group. I think most sensei's know the level of ability well before a student tests so I think in many cases at least, it's not really a testing of ability as much as an acknowledgement of progression.
From what I can tell, in larger systems it's a useful way of quickly referencing general ability and familiarity. If you go from one Shodokan school to another, for example, I imagine telling someone your rank gives a really good idea of what you're capable of.

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