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Timothy WK
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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

I don't normally like re-opening threads, but since someone else already has...

I came upon this video of [Akira Hino] awhile ago and thought of the Ueshiba story. At around 2:00, Hino has the people hold a fake gun and yell "Bang!", and proceeds to (very obviously) dodge the "bullet".

Certainly, Hino is quick, and it's unlikely this would work if he wasn't that fast. But what I think Hino is doing is largely psychological. If you watch, you can see him move a split second before they "shoot". I think he's doing one of two things:

--He may be reading their movements/intention and then reacting faster than they are.
--He may be kinda "leading" the people into shooting. He starts moving on his own, which causes the shooters to panic and "shoot", though at that point it's too late and he's already moved.

To my eyes, the latter seems like the more plausible option, but I can't tell exactly what he's doing.

--Timothy Kleinert
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