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Hello.. hello...

I try not to get so exited next time. And Colleen I wasn't in none of the points I made referring specifically to You

Anyhow - just for the record... if You had finished my post You could've read that ESTONIAN AIKIKAI stands under my name. Which is I don't train Iwama style but Aikikai.

And I think You got me a bit wrong. I will try to explain what I meant for You and others.

I just wanted to point out that things that many of you speak of as you are putting a great emphasis on that those things are beyond your comprehension. So you don't know EXACTLY WHAT you are doing. Therefore one should at first master the things which are understandable by ppl in this culture - as I was pointing out a strong side of science. It seems quite pointless to me when one does speak of chi as a great master but hasn't researched the points of physics and psychology (so mine is not the usual train-train-train Iwama viewpoint ). We can always ADD the mystical aspect of chi but we shouldn't start from it.

Have you ever considered the fact that best yonkyo circle radius is the length of uke's forearm? Ever considered the fact that the more far is one's point in one's body from his mass center (which surprise-surprise is generally the same spot as hara) the easier is to take the balance? Do you know how high one's heart rate and adrenaline flow must go before getting "tunnel vision"? Have you thought on the fact that "Two physical bodies cannot exist in the same confined space in the same time-space continuum." Sounds very Aiki to me.

I just wanted to point out that many questions asked in Aikido have very logical answers. And I just think that it is more efficient to be familiar with those logical answers before moving into what maybe be called as an uncharted area for us western ppl. Be the master of your five senses before using and depending on 6th, 7th etc. Master the study of launching plain simple kinethic energy on someones jaw and sitting on someones joints (crack) in proper angles and THEN try hurling chi balls wherever you want to hurl them. I think your progress in both sides will be way faster.

Estonian Aikikai
Riveta Sportsclub

P.S. To Colleen - as I said - positive or negative irritation. And ever considered the fact that they might HEAR you being there?
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