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Re: VOE: Active Resistance

If you like the idea of 'real attack' I have a bit more about it on my discovering-aikido website in the contents section.

Too add a bit more here, I believe that all the atacks we do, katate-dori to shime-waza, are in effect counters to techniques. For example, think of kata-dori ushiro eri-dori (single hand catch + rear lapel catch) - while we typically start like this, it is far more realistic to think of it as an escape from irimi-nage. So, the next step is to MAKE it an escape from irimi-nage. So, uke tries irimi-nage slowly from this catch, and then stronger, and then stronger, and tori sees if he can escape from it and do a technique, or not. It is not a fight, but a learning progression. And no one does this (except me - so you saw it here first!). If you look at it like this, every technique you do against an attack is no different to doing a technique against a technique thus everything you do is in effect kaeshi-waza. Think about it.

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