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Re: VOE: Active Resistance

I like training against resistance and find there are valuable lessons to be learned therein. However, this is not ideal training for Aikido (George's Shomen-uchi explained above is a good example of what results from this mindset) but it is good for getting the 'mechanics' of it better. Rather than resistance, I prefer to go for what I call 'real-attack'. Sounds simple, but it is not as no one seems to do it. Simply, teach a defence against rear strangle (Eg kata-dori ushiro kubi-shime). But first, TEACH THE STRANGLE. So, have your students strangle and take each other to the ground. Next, practice the defence lightly. As you continue, increase the pace/power of the attack and see if you or your students can still get out of it. Uke's job is to overcome tori; tori's job is to get out of it. What often happens at first is that uke overpowers tori. Then, tori figures it out - and it can work 'pleasingly' well against a good attack. But, and it is a big but, uke can develop and hone his attack with purpose - meaning - tori also gets better. It is what we should all be doing, but many have gotten lost along the way, in my opinion.

Try other atacks too - grab like a vice ... (but resistance here will prevent learning as it will turn into a wrestling match - just hold tight, not fight) and so on.

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