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Ai symbol Hakama...

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Where I train only black belts are "allowed" to wear hakama. Iīm in Brazil and speaking for most, not all, of the associations here. On one hand itīs a definate ego inflater BUT I believe itīs more than that. Iīve found that throughout the years, the hakama has become a symbol of preserverance, determination, sweat, years of mat time, and a general motivator for all those bright-eyed bushy-tailed newbies that come in drooling for some training. I enjoyed training with the hakama wearers because it usually meant guidance, correct and effective techniques, good explanations, and role models guaranteed. It gives people something to shoot for; it helps people grow when worn by the right people. In my dojo I donīt wear a hakama myself, nor did my sensei at times. The motion of the feet need not be concealed at all times, especially when teaching.
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At your service,
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