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Angela Dunn
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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

On your hard drive(never to be seen by anyone else,at least not till it has been edited ) there is a draft for a musical featuring members of an aikido class.....

and you can identify which members of your own class inspired the characters

to the point that things they have said somehow got put into the characters dialogue.

and the opening stage directions feature the lines,

"Downstage left is a dojo area which must have a pile of mats ready for the characters to move and perform on. No shoes are socks are to be worn in this area on fear of pain expertly caused by a grade higher than me on nerves that I have yet to identify. But It will Hurt. A lot! A picture of O sensei must be shown in this area whenever it is in use.

(It should be pointed out at the time I wrote it everyone was a higher grade than me!)

Obsessed much!
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