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Re: Not Magic, Science

I certainly agree with much of what was written in this column. The quotation from Sensei, "It's not magic. It is science.", is correct to a certain level. There is a rational to this martial art. It is not magic or mysticism.

Techniques can be described as in terms of Newtonian physics. Bodies in motion and all that. However aikido still remains an art because it is an expression of human endeavor.

If I order a pizza with mushrooms, it does not mean I want mushrooms. It means I want mushrooms in my pizza. Similarly if parts of aikido can be described in a scientific manner, it does not mean all of aikido is a science. The writer has made an illogical jump, trying to apply the Sensei's statement to encompass the whole art.

What is disturbing is this unthinking attitude. You can have the best instructor in the world, but if you misinterpret what they're saying and doing, then the mistake is yours alone. A good example of this is the final statement.
...Now I will trust the science.
Nobody trusts science, especially scientists.

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