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Hi Jorgen,

Don't get so excitable! I think if you try to remember the conversations on pressure points, you'll recall I am not a believer in them I am, however, trying to show what the people who 'feel' ki may be experiencing, and that it has nothing to do with psychic ability. Surely you have 'felt' someone standing close behind you before? I am relating what is seen as magic to what is real in our lives. It sounds like you are in an Iwama dojo, so I am not surprised about the intensity of your response, but turn it down a notch or two, OK?

Cats purr for a variety of reasons, and it can be anticipation of pleasure (or actual pleasure if they are sitting in your lap when you stroke the air above them). But even if they cannot see what your hand is doing, nor are then in your lap, they purr as you stroke the air above them. Since they don't normally purr with a breeze I don't think it is the movement of air that causes the purr, so it more likely is they feel the warmth from your hand somehow. Again, I don't have scientific research behind it, but it may be the warmth (as I said in my earlier post) that folks are sensing with their hands. You do need some sensitivity to feel this, more easily felt if you are relaxed vs tense, and so not necessarily easy to get from an Iwama viewpoint, which is fine. Perhaps one reason Saito Sensei says not to worry about it now, it will come later, is eventually in Iwama-style, as you learn the angles and stop using so much muscle, you relax more and hence feel more. I don't know, I've only done a little Iwama-style Aikido.

Some schools teach angles early, sensitivity late. Others sensitivity early, angles late. But eventually, it all gets taught. I know reversals are often a big deal to the Iwama folks I know, I've never seen Saito Sensei teach them, but I am betting it is the same as the techniques themselves: if person does 'A' then you do 'B'. If he does 'C' then you do 'D'... eventually, you will need to be able to feel what your partner is doing, be sensitive to his intentions early if your reversal is to be done cleanly and most easily (I think).

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