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This is WAAAAYYYY too much of Mortal Kombat for me again. Am I the only one who is yet quite satisfied with the usual train-train-train thing? With the saying of Saito sensei that "Don't worry much about the philosophy. Train daily with bokken and morotetori kokyo-nage and you will understand the secrets Aikido." Am I the only one who thinks that at first I must master all the things QUITE REAL to my mind and then maybe I should move into another territories such as making ki-balls or ki-healing? Isn't this what Aikido is about? Isn't this WHY we start with slow and boring ai-hanmi grab attacks not with flashy roundhouse kicks and punches? What will we do next? Start teaching levitation to beginners? Turning invisible? Some claim that O'Sensei mastered those two things but I don't think one should pay attention to KI-BALLS if he doesn't feel that he is the perfect master of timing and skill. And I don't think that even mr. Baker is content enough to think he is.
Many of You folks like to babble about development and research of chi, pressure points etc etc. Why do we wan't to be magicians? We western ppl haven't grown up in that culture! Maybe we would get a glimpse into that after doing and researching the art for 30-40-more years. But I think that in the beginning we would be much more successful if we didn't want learn "magic" but proper angles, REAL anatomy, gravity, reaction times, physiology, autosuggestion, distances etc etc etc. PHYSICS and PSYCHOLOGY as in the way as they are strong and understandable in OUR culture. If we master those, maybe then peek into other possibilities. But nooo... most of us want to chi our unbendable arms into the faces of admirers forgetting that it's quite impossible to overcome the strength of mass and triceps only with biceps muscle.

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P.S. I'm sorry... that was quite an angry post. I think it is interesting to peek into these mystical things but putting an ephasis to these is rather a handicap I think. And somehow I have the feeling that many MA authorities dead and alive from different cultures would agree with me on that. I'm not a chi-sceptic, no. But I think one might get lost very easily when walking that way.

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