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Re: Ki ball of energy

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
How many of you have attended a Ki seminar and made the Ki/chi energy ball?

If you didn't, why do you think you didn't?
I have seen the exercise before, and I have practice the exercise a few times. I don't know what the official name is but I understand what you are trying to say.

My aikijitsu sensei had me sit in a horse stance with my hands in front (like holding a barrell) and imagine a ball of energy there. He also made me bring my hands together (but not touching) then move them apart. Imagining a ball of ki expanding a contracting.

I have heard of the exercise done in tai chi chuan, and some African martial arts.

It is also a practice in Hermetic Sciences.

Keep posting Bruce. I'll try my best to harmonize with your intentions.

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