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Re: The tool of resistance in teaching Aikido

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
... Resistance as a Learning Tool: Resistance in Aikido requires a lot of integrity and personal responsibility so that we can learn in a safe environment. It requires that we leave our ego's in the changing rooms. We need to practice with a "beginner's mind" so that we are always cognizant of our responsibility to learn from each other. We need to continually have honesty checks with ourselves so that the resistance that we are providing is helping the person to learn in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. ...
I wish the above was posted in every Aikido dojo!

Absolutely excellent.

You whole post is fantastic, Marc.

I feel like I would be hard-pressed and have to spend a lot of time to find anyway of actually improving on what you said. In fact, with due credit, I am firing it off to all my students.

It all comes down to integrity and taking personal responsibility IMO when using resistance.


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