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Wink Re: Ukemi worried

I've been practicing for a year, and I am just beginning to feel comfortable with mae kemi. Constant practice is the simplest and best answer. I've been coming to the dojo almost every day for the past two month, including days when there is no class, and I come back late Saturday morning, after the class. I cannot believe how much I have improved. Practice as often as you can, until you get dizzy, or you feel your stomach rebelling. You just need to get used to it at your own pace. Remember, you mother spent years telling you that falling was bad, and now, you need to undo that. It's not going to happen in one day. Push with your back foot, and "extend" your fall instead of trying to fall right in front of you. You will roll more easily, instead of landing on your shoulder.
I've been told that one of our black belts used to whine like a baby at the prospect of falling when he was a beginner. You would never have guessed it, when you see hin taking flight after a kotegaeshi.
We've all been there, be patient and consistent, and you will do it.
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