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Re: Anyone heard of "Takeda Ryu"?

Thanks for the replies re: the DNBK credentials.
I alwasy knew that the DNBK of today is not the same as the original. But some had me convinced that it was set up by the Japanese government and was a recognized governing body for Budo.
I know of several prominent U.S instructors who use DNBK membership to promote thier schools. Thie rliterature says things like "8th Dan, recognized by the Japanese government through the prestigious DNBK". It was only recently that I was told by a Japanese teacher that he does not consider the DNBK to be a martial arts organization. So this does start to cast some real doubt on Mr. Moroteux. Which is sad because earlier on he did earn real credentials in Aikido and Hakko Ryu.

Jim Mc Coy
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