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Aikisho-1 wrote:


I don't think we can single-out yonkyo as the only technique that doesn't always work.You could say that about just about every technique.Some people are double-jointed,so shihonage can become difficult to apply on them,for example.Aikido is the art of adapting.The main focus should be on control,not pain.Yonkyo will work on most people,if you are focusing on controlling them,and not just causing them pain.
If you center yourself right,they can't get up.Thus,pain is not nessesary.I think controlling the uke,is the most important aspect f aikido.Just learn good control,and when something like yonkyo doesn't work,you can adapt.
Well said - I agree with most of the above - Aikido is about controlling uke's centre. Pain is only a distraction from that process (that is in both senses of the word - distracting both uke and tori) - in my experience at least..
I'd take issue with only 1 point, a relatively minor one.. It's that there's no such thing as being double-jointed, only very flexible (as proven at a recent summer school, by a friend who's uke persistently claimed to be double-jointed ).
I think - at least my current goal - is that you should aim to never have to 'make a technique work'. That if the principles are there, and used, the technique (whatever it happens to be) will work easily - which is where the sensitivity we develop as uke comes about full circle - leading us to fully connect with uke in turn, allowing the correct technique to develop..

Just a couple thoughts,

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