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Re: Paul Kang Sensei Passes Away

As a Bond St Dojo member for eleven months, I had very little time to work with Paul Sensei.

Sensei always stressed the importance of hanmi ( and correct posture in my case !) and vigorous training.

He said there was no substitute for serious training and to remain martial at all times on the mat.

As a rank beginner, I received a lot of personalized attention from sensei even though at the time, I felt most of it was lost on me.

The last time I worked with sensei on the mat was during Ken Nissen Sensei's seminar where he helped me with Kokyo Ho Kokyo Dosa, Irimi tenkan as it applied to what Ken Sensei was teaching.

I found Paul Sensei to be extremely patient with us ( beginners especially) and he always joined the beginners/basic classes to give that extra special attention that we klutzy beginners need.

I especially miss the noontime classes that Paul Sensei held twice a week when I joined the dojo end of last year. Usually only two or three people were able to attend which was perfect for anyone trying to get a handle on the fundamentals.

Paul Sensei made it clear to us that our new dojo ( under construction at the time of his passing) be ready for Saotome Shihan's visit June of this year and it was about 99.9% finished which would have made sensei happy.
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