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Bruce Baker
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Pressure points of fighters

There are no pressure points.

Nah.... Yes there are.

Fighters know the knockout points of the jaw and chin, and the regularly knock each other out.


Not really.

You can find the angle direction, meridian on most pressure point charts.

Arterys in the leg or neck being hit causing numbness, blackout or ... was it the pressure points on the meridian next to the artery?

Doesn't matter, does it? You got a result.

Do Nikkyo, then touch a pressure point on the same meridian ... oops? ... knocked out my partner! What do I do now?


There ain't no such thing as pressure points in Aikido.

But then, we already have them in Aikido don't we, but then we don't have Bruce's pressure points?

Now that Bruce has pressure points, when is Bruce gonna get the nickels, dimes, and quarters for them? Send them to Jun, I think he deserves them more for the nonsense in these threads.

Never mind, you can get your library to order books within the preassure point system to study them on your own, then you can be the butt of ignorance too.

Thanks guys and girls. It's so nice to be loved.

Please come visit LBI. I am sure you will NOT be taught pressure points, as it is my own study outside of class, but then again, when Sensei cranks you into moving this way or that ... you can say you already knew about them pain points, can't you?

That's enough comedy ... then again ...

I feel like I am watching the Transcendental meditation people who think they are floating in the air when they merely bouncing up and down, it makes me laugh so hard my ribs hurt.

Same thing with the negative posts about pressure points.

They don't work until they knock you out.

Be my guest. Contact some of the guys who do it and tell them to try to knock you out with touch?

Then bring back what you find to Aikido.

I might have stopped laughing by then.

New thread, this ones dead.
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