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Re: Tomiki/Shodokan-Shihonage.

Matthew White wrote: View Post
Maybe I'm just anal about verbiage, but I don't like the word "resistance"...
There are two threads on the topic of resistance going along right now - one in the Voices of Experience area - and another here -

Both deal with the subject of "resistance" and its place in Aikido training. What exactly don't you like about the word?
Matthew White wrote: View Post
if there's resistance against the technique, it is no longer the appropriate technique.
In a place called "Perfect" the above is absolutely true, however I haven't met or heard of anyone from there that is able to express that level of Aiki and that includes Aikido's founder.

Resistance will happen in any training where your partner gets to use his free will, the question is - how does ones training assist one to deal with it in a manner commensurate with Aikido's principles...

Just some thoughts.

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