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Rocky Izumi
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Re: VOE: Active Resistance

Works for me George. And I will take that point about conceptual baggage with certain words under advisement. I can see now why you would choose to use a word other than active resistance.

I guess my views have been coloured by the way the word resist has been used on me by my previous martial arts teachers. It is also coloured by the way I had to learn to resist in Judo, Karate and Kendo in my younger days. It was always a matter of resisting by getting out of the way and flowing with the attack since my opponents were always adults and there was no way a five to ten year old person was going to out-muscle a full-grown adult.

I guess I do understand the issue over here in North America is a little different. Kind of like the difference between International Football and North American Football - finesse and speed versus pure power.

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