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Re: Kubi Nage???

this is Kubi Guruma, first technique of Owaza Juppon kata of Tomiki aikido. IMHO it is done very poorly here. I tried to find a better video of it on YouTube with no success.

the attack is very stilted. not good.

likewise, this technique (as done in Owaza) is performed go-no-sen... basically wait till uke has almost hit you (say, a couple of inches away from your chin) before moving.

the idea is to get uke to totally commit to the attack, they actually think that they have you and you're going to hit the ground. then you make a small turn almost in place, and connect at the wrist and neck. the spacing and light touch causes kuzushi in uke, sending an S wave through their spine and tipping them slightly off the line of attack. you take the space in which they need to recover and they go over the pinky toe of the lead foot. because of the rotation of nage, the light connection, and the attempt at recovery from the S wave, uke tends to spiral around nage while in the air, making the throw happen >180 degrees from the original line of attack.
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