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Re: VOE: Active Resistance

Hello Rocky,

Did you ever train regularly with Yamaguchi Seigo Sensei?

George is a student of Saotome Shihan, so I think he understands the issues of active resistance, as expressed by Yamaguchi Sensei. I had the honour of training with Yamaguchi Sensei in the later part of his life. I am a student of wine & champagne and Yamaguchi was like an old vintage, with depth and flavours that were not apparent at first sight, something like vintage Krug. I took uke for him on many occasions and he clearly wanted active resistance, but of a much more subtle kind than simply attempting to shut down a technique.

In my time I have trained with Chiba, Kanai, Kanetsuka, Tada, and now my own teacher Kitahira. I have attended camps and seminars taught by Saito (elder), Shirata, Arikawa, Tamura and Yamada (New York). In my opinion none of these approach the issue of active resistance quite like Yamaguchi, which is perhaps why he has attracted a crowd of believers, agnostics and straight atheists.

Best wishes,

Peter G.

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