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Re: Aikibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

Darin Hyde wrote: View Post
This is very interesting because Unno sensei always taught pressure points. I wonder if he picked them up from Sanno Sensei or Murai Sensei. Was there much variety back then in the hombu or did everyone learn the same thing?
Mochizuki Sensei's real background was koppo--dislocating joints and breaking bones. He didn't say pressure points never worked, but they didn't work on everyone. Breaking the bone, on the other hand, is pretty effective all the way around, as is dislocating the joint. But don't get me wrong: he didn't teach that way in class. Mainly, he just did "ordinary" aikido techniques with sutemi a lot, but there were some general pressure point techniques in there. He just didn't think you should rely on them.

I would think that Unno Sensei's pressure point work was heavily influenced by Sano Sensei, who did a powerful kind of karate/jujutsu mix with lots of pressure points, including striking and holding. I didn't get to know Unnos Sensei that well and only trained with him a little, so I don't remember his particular approach and, very likely, he was adjusting his performance to the expectations in the dojo. Anyway, I'll bet he did a lot of adjustment because you Aussies tend to be such big, strong fellows and he was a pretty small guy. He had to have some heart to go down yonder as "the master." I wish I had known more about him.

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