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Re: Kubi Nage???

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I'm sure the teacher appeared on some "Expert Village" kendo videos too. But... even a lowly ikkyu such as myself could see a lot of stuff you shouldn't pay attention to. It was bad kendo unfortunately.

this aikido video, a little weird that the attack is a zombie style one but i guess we can forgive that for the purposes of teaching.

We do something very similar (in terms of technique) although we relate it to ude furi. I'm not too down with the aiki terminology but there could be a few different names for that technique.
e.g. omote tenkan... ude oroshi, aiki nage, ude nage, ?kubi nage? Each organisation might call it something different, you'd probably have to feel it to decide.

I doubt i'd call it a neck throw though but i'm still a beginner. Certainly doesn't look like neck throws i've seen, but i doubt i've seen em all!

peace and love

We do have kubinage on our syllabus Jo, think from ikkyu and above if my memory serves might be shodan though. Doesn't look like the vid though. Ours usually involves a hand on the neck, it depends upon the entry and attack but often it can involve pushing them back while holding the neck (think a bit like shomen-ate to the throat but not quite), variations include manipulating the neck by controlling the chin which might look more like the vid. Without the zombie attacking though


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