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Fall E-Journal of Jujutsu: Free!

The latest issue of the E-Journal of Jujutsu has been released, and is available for free to registered members!

This issue includes:

Roy Dean on the strengths of adaptation, both on and off the mat.

KoKoDo Jujutsu master Shihan Ivo Belmans grants an interview before his annual Monterey, California seminar.

Emmanuel Manolakakis goes deep in revealing his path to Systema, it's appeal, and practical applications.

Phillip Palmejar interviews Baret "The Finisher" Yoshida, and discusses how the small can overcome the large.

Sheila Haddad reflections on her recent trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, to impart self defense skills to the women of that country.

Roy Dean on wristlocks for groundfighting.

This will be the last issue in this magazine format. Look for big changes to be coming soon!


Roy Dean

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