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Amir Krause
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Re: Kubi Nage???

Gregg Block wrote: View Post
What a ridiculous attack.
While I must admit to finding these videos (I checked a couple of other techniques too) unimpressive, from my technical point of view looking at Tori (the technique performer). Though, without feeling the technique on me, I am not sure if my problem stems from real technical deficencies or only from style differences which make me think some essential components are missing from the techniques (to the point they would not work had I tried to practice them this way in the dojo).

Still, I do not get your problem with the attack. The attack is clearly simbolic by intention. In fact, it seemed so symbolic I think it is hard to perform techniques on it.

These videos were labeled as a basic level teaching aid. And at that level, a fast and realistic attack would hinder the learning of the techniques, and derail attention from it.

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