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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You might be an Aikido addict if....

-You picked your college based upon it's distance from your home dojo.
-Since the college you picked is still an hour away you started a college club.
-After the first month of your club you already have 4 classes a week.
-You still visit your home dojo every Friday night for weapons and just to let your friends meet your Sensei, and the obvious... and train with him.
-You're surprised when you visit the local Wegmann's (a local grocery chain) and you don't see someone from the dojo.
-The main stuff on your desks bulletin board is Aikido related.
-Your friends get annoyed because you talk about Aikido too much.
-During the summer you spend more time at the dojo than your Sensei.
-You carry the "Art of Peace" in your pocket.
-Most of the shirts you wear are Aikido related.
-Your friends randomly attack you just to see what you'll do.
-Your friends end up not attacking you anymore because they learn what you can do.(not in a bad way... I hope o.o ^_^)
-You meet someone from a city in your state and you're surprised if you don't know at least one instructor in that city.
-The main books on your desk are Aikido related.
-You read through all of the forums hoping you find someone who posts something so you don't need to.
-You watch a fight on TV and ponder how to improve both of the guys defenses.
-You don't meet girls because you're always doing Aikido.
-You sleep on your back, because other wise your mind will instantly think your in a pin.
-You teach your college friends breathing exercises so they don't need to drink coffee.
-Your friend runs up behind you and jumps on your back for a piggy back ride, and the next thing you know they're on their back under you with wide eyes laughing because you flipped them.

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