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Bruce Baker
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Tree huggers reference book

I thought I gave this book back to my brother, but I didn't.

Chi Nei Tsang
internal organs chi massage
by Mantak and Maneewan Chia
ISBN: 0935621-35-0
copyright 1990

If you go to your local library, they usually have a book list to purchase new books. See if they will put it on their order list. The book I have is under $20 ... they might go for it?

If you library belongs to a county or state library system, they might purchase a couple of copies.

I know I have found some little known resources just by going to the library?
Hey, librarians have brains enough to buy some pretty neat books? Take advantage of them brains!

There is a lot more to learn than the tree to human energy exchange .... but it does begin to explain a lot of hinting by people with strong ki from nature, doesn't it.

Any more people out there with more references or tree power experiences?
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