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Shannon Frye
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Re: Organizations- How important are they to you?

Sorry to double post, but I wanted to say something about this as well. Recently, a few yudansha (myself included) have become very disillusioned with our various "name brand" aikido dojos/organizations. We grouped together, and founded a fellowship to teach, practice, and continue learning. We've not had one student thumb their nose at us because we were not paying fees back to Japan. But we HAVE been made to feel 'illigitimate" by established ( high power roller) organizations. And we can also trace our lineage right back to O'Sensei, just like the big names can. We're just not paying Japan for their "ok".

Sure, you want to avoid quacks, and inflated/fake rank teachers who will teach bad aikido. But I think too many people put their trust in an organizational membership. If your a new student, organizations are a good reference point - but students also need to look beyond the annual membership fee.
Just my humble opinion..

(not picking on you, Mark )

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That is exactly what I mean about credibility being my second reason. And lineage goes right alongside that.

In gassho,


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