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Angela Dunn
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Re: Organizations- How important are they to you?

I think for me as a person who really does not know a lot about other organisations beside Dynamic Aikido (and even then my knowledge us pretty limited to pretty much what Tony has said above actually and as he explained it so well I am not going to attempt to put it in my own words. ) or politics between them it does not matter so much. Whilst it is nice to say that I train with an organisation that does have that type of history and in a way get a sence of pride and honour that goes with that for me its not the be all and end all. I train with them because the teaching is fantastic and if I had not stumbled onto that organisation then I would not be doing aikido.

I guess for me its more about loyalty to a group of people who made me feel really welcome and I feel that I can trust and have a lot of respect for. And for me that beats the history of a club etc.
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