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Tony Hudspith
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Re: Organizations- How important are they to you?

Hi Mary
If you're after personal opinions then you can have mine if you want it.
The organisation I belong to is Dynamic Aikido in the traditions of Master Andre Nocquet (D.A.N). It fills me with great pride that I belong to an organisation that is steeped with pedigree and heritage. Master Nocquet was an uchi deshi of O'Sensei and went on to teach my instructor Sensei John Emmerson. This would make me and my fellow Aikidoka 3rd in line from O'Sensei himself in theory.
This give me a greater sense of pride and the need to uphold the beliefs and training practices of both Masters and Sensei creates enthusiasm. It is my responsibility to carry on their training and so therefore increases my "want" to be better.
I hope this makes sense but you did ask for personal opinions
Hope this helps

Tony Hudspith
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