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Uchikaiten Nage

So anyone familiar with Uchikaiten Nage?
Its one of the techniques for my 6th kyu test that I just learned officially today. (With almost 6 months of training.)

Interestingly enough I have already learned Juji Nage, which isnt until around 1st Kyu. (That has been one of the 'buggers' of Aikido training for me, learning everything from 6 - 1 kyu, but not focusing on the steps needing to be taken.)

This is the first official time (though not first shown) where I learned the basic steps. Irimi, Tai Sabai, Ushiro Tenkan, Kaiten Ashi

But I found it interesting the Uchikaiten, because I havent seen it before on the net. Anyone familar with it.

Basically you start off in Ai Hanmi Katate Tori.
Nage does a similar move to that of Kote Gaeshi, but...
- left hand 'hugs' wrist as right and breaks free by pulling fingers of hand down (kind of sankyo type thing)
- left hand then reaches into palm, grabs it and pulls Uke's arm, outstretched to the side infront of Nage
- Nage then uses atemi hitting Uke in the face
- Then steps under Ukes outstreched arm (Nage still holding Ukes hand on the outstreched arm as he goes under
- then steps behind uke and starts to bring ukes outstretched arm down and twist around so that Uke falls to mat
- Nage then steps in front/toward nage making him roll over
(forgot, as Nage brings ukes arm down behind him, he uses free hand to almost Karate chop his neck to force him to the ground.

This is the one move I did not see on my aikido 3d CD.
Although non of my test requirements match this system.


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