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Re: What makes a teacher great?

someone who has internalized a concept to the point where it 'is them.' There whole being walks as if they are made of what ever it is they are teaching, so to speak.

in this way they can then articulate, to some extent, {depends on the receivers end to receive also - when the student is ready the teacher is there}, that which needs to be passed on.

From a spiritual point of view, the philosopher Eckhart Tolle is like that.

Again, a lot has to do with finding someone who blends with you, but typically you have to have the spirit level in order to communicate {truly} on a level where you can pass on other concepts (whether it be aikido or brushing your teeth.

We so easily misunderstand each other and each others intents, that even if we were to master an art, it does not mean we can teach it. Ego often gets in the way, like today when my sempai teacher hit me in the ribs laughing saying that it was an alternative way to do one of the techniques. {He plays around rough with some of the others, but they are similar to him...I have to admit, Im a softy. - ribs, still soar.}

So, I think inside we all know what makes a good teacher, perhaps the bigger question is can we ever become the teacher. Perhaps its not about becoming, but of letting go.

I know I am not a teacher, though in the past I had been interested in teaching various things. It soon came to dawn on me that though I was a producer in the field of communications, I could not communicate.

So, with that -


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