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Re: My thoughts about my dojo/sensei

- Not all Dans are the same.
My teacher is a 1st kyu, he has trained for 10 years.
Im in Hungary though, in the middle of nowhere, so its a different story.

- Maybe you should have shopped around more before joining.
But since you didnt, ask yourself if you like the training?
If so, Im sure he will be fine training - he has 10 years experience on you.

- But, it doesnt hurt to drop in on other classes to check it out...get a sense of the teachers style. It seems that location is more important to you or you would have already done that as mentioned above.

- I train 2 times a the end of this month I will have trained for 6 months. Time flies by, but i will admit 2 times a month is rough when your first starting off in Aikido and your learning every technique that the rest of the class is learning. So much so that you know moves from a 1st Kyu test, but not one from the 6th kyu.

My only quib has been the structure of class, but your mileage will vary. 3 times doesnt sound bad to start off - and you have the advantage of understanding the language its taught in, unlike what I have gone through, learning in Hungarian & Japanese. (fun...ha!)

What are your goals? Aikido is good for brawls. (think of bouncers grabbing people etc.) It truly seems to be about dislocating wrist, elbows and even shoulder joints...but not if someone is actually wanting to fight - say boxing/MMA.

If your wanting more than just being prepared for someone grabbing you, then you may want to practice face kicking at your local dojo. (you said they had karate?) Seriously, some Thai boxing, with emphasis on boxing, and some BJJ, etc. might be good. (didnt see those on the list of what was offered.)



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