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Re: senior project idea... Aikido Demonstration?


IMHO, all age group could appreciate, enjoy, and benefit from seeing Aikido. You would need to custom make the presentation to the age group and setting. Children need to see the fun (while the parents see the physical and social benefits). Adolescents (middle and high school) may be more impressed by the fighting and self defense. College into adulthood more the personal development. Get a developmental psychology chart and see the issues appropriate to the age.

I would tend to start with some flash, perhaps randori to get their attention. Show all techniques in training and in self defense application. The older crowd may enjoy the weapons work. End with the flash again, randori. In the midst, give some background and explanation (nonviolent and non competitive philosophically and in actual application). Tell them what they are going to see, show them, and then tell them what they saw. If you can pull someone from the crowd to show a demonstration, it may help to bridge the gap with the audience (just don't hurt them).

Typically, IMHO, demonstrations are just too long. If at a school, you may be a part of something else with limited time 15-30 minutes. Remember people have short attention spans, we live in a time of sound and vision bytes, and busy schedules. Keep it short, get their attention, leave them wanting more. Tell them how to get it.

Feel free to use my ideas in anyway you see fit. Hope it goes well by you. Film it, post it on YouTube, and lets us see for ourselves.

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