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Re: Kashima shinryu

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KSR diehards will always say that and I guess it is true. But, if I practise Judo kata in my Aikido class should I tell them it's Judo, or should I call it Aikido? But given the way Aikido styles differ, I guess KSR diehards must quivver some when they see how it gets altered when done in other contexts (like Aikido).
You're mixing apples and hand-grenades there. Judo (and Aikido) were both developed in the modern era and are not ryu-ha. Judo in particular was (like kendo) a way for people of different jujutsu ryu-ha to come together and test their skills with a standardized rule set. (That was a gross simplification, I realize that). Judo was also designed to be taught in PE programs and was based on some Western teaching methodologies. In many ways, it is a rejection of the ryu-ha system, as was Aikido. If Morihei Ueshiba had wanted to maintain the traditional structure on budo, he would have kept calling it Daito Ryu and reporting to his teacher Takeda Sensei. But in an older art like KSR (or even much newer arts that still adhere to the ryu-ha system) authority rests on one person. It is at that person's discretion who teaches *and* who is considered part of the family unit that is the ryu-ha. In simple terms, if you are not part of that social network, you simply are not part of the ryu-ha. A ryu-ha is more than the sum of its techniques, it is a living social unit.

A good example of some of the difficulties of this system would be TSKSR and Yoseikan Aiki-budo. At one time, it is my understanding that, the founder of Yoseikan Aikibudo (Mochizuki Minouru) had permission to teach his students TSKSR from the soke of TSKSR. At that time, he and his students were *doing* TSKSR. However, after that soke's death, the new soke (and senior teacher, not the same person) decided that they would not be continuing that arrangement. After that point in time, while nothing would have necessarily have changed in the way the Yoseikan folks trained, they would no longer be *doing* TSKSR. They might do the techniques of TSKSR (and I'm not getting into the debate about how well/authentically they do/did them) but they are not doing (nor are they part of) TSKSR.

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