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Agatsu thought

I was watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryouts (don't ask, its on CMT for you guys who are interested), and had a thought. Some of the women who weren't chosen were visibly upset. Since I couldn't read their minds, I couldn't know if this is the case, but it got me to thinking.

First (subjectively), allowing the subjective views of other people to keep me from meeting goals means my goals are out of whack. Aikido is great for this, because this only happens if I'm hard on myself. Nobody else can keep me from my goals (e.g. judging a competition). However, as I get further along in my training (and in life), I worry much less about making mistakes and just try to go on.

Second (objectively), no competition in Aikido also seems to eliminate the issue. Why should I be required to best another person in order to meet my goals? For example, if I want my Aikido to be as easy/fluid as Sensei, I don't have to beat him so to speak.

Understand, I'm not downplaying competition as it can be fun, but that's exactly what I'd rather it be. Unless its a life/death struggle, I can't see getting too excited or depressed about winning or losing even if I haven't done my best. Maybe I'm just lazy.

O.k. now those who are into competition can shoot me down.
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