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I think that the hakama is a good learning tool.For some reason it does help you to find your center easier.Plus it gives you a sense of belonging to aikido, traditionally.I used to be affiliated with ASU,and they never discouraged anyone from wearing hakama.With the exception of seminars.I totally agree with this,because I remember attending a seminar with Wendy Whited Sensei (5th Dan).I was called on as an uke when I was 5th Kyu.I was one of those people who could take ukemi pretty well so she assumed I was a higher rank.I wasn't and I should have listened to my sensei,and removed the hakama during seminars.She clobbered me,and I learned my lesson.

But in general training I think it's helpful.Although to a beginner,a hakama clad individual... can appear intimidating.Plus there are those with egos.

I think it's important for the yudansha to remember that they too were once beginners,and try to remember all the mixed feelings they had in training.And try to help all beginners,because they are the future of Aikido.
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