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John Bernhard
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Re: My thoughts about my dojo/sensei

I smiled when I read this post. The color belt or the number of your instructors Dan rank makes no difference. When I first started out back in 1998 my instructor was still a White Belt (1st Kyu-the last white belt), and my current instructor was a 4th Kyu ( half way to black belt) when I first started. Had they put on a black belt and told me they were a 6th dan I would have believed them and not know any better. Youtube is great but realize that not all 5th Dans are the same nor are all 2nd Dans, etc. Also, what is to say that your instructor can't do those things you've seen on Youtube, have you ever seen your instructor go at a quick speed with an uke who gives a great attack? I would frankly be afraid to see what my senior instructor who is only a "2nd Dan" with 20 years of experience is capable of doing.

As has been mentioned on here the willingness of a Sensei to teach you is far more important than the level of rank he is. Both will teach you the same thing and at the same level....beginner. Its like learning math, 2+2=4 be it being taught by an elementary teacher or by a college professor with a PhD. They are still going to have to teach it to you with simple terms using a fingers and toes approach. I would stay with your Sensei if you like him and the way he teaches. He may just surprise you. Don't be concerned with what they could be learning over there. .
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