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Re: Poll: How strong of a connection do you personally feel to Morihei Ueshiba?

Since you said personally, I said Not very strong.

Sure my lineage is very direct but what has that got anything to with anything personally.

There are a lot of people I admire much more than him. Not just who they were and what they said, but by their actions.
I think too many people in this art romanticize about him way too much. The more I have learned over the years the more disenchanted I grow with him. I think Stanely Pranin was right when he said that modern aikido in various forms has more to do with how it grew up and was shaped by his students internationally after the war when he was essentially retired not withstanding all the posturing by Iwama folk.

After watching Ken Burn's documentary "The War" the last few weeks, which depicts my Dad's generation (he fought in the Pacific), it was chance again to think about all I have learned.

What would aikido be today without Japan's defeat being a complete and unconditional surrender? A society so thoroughly drenched in militarism. That documentary was perhaps untintentionally the most startling poweful arguement for the use of the atomic bomb. Granted, maybe the only time in history.

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