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Ki Symbol Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

you are hospitalized for a cardiac condition and you:

1) critic the relaxation channel's methods

2)perform oneness rhythm and hitori waza in your room

3)keep setting of the respiration alarm every time you do ki breathing

4)give the nurses advise on keeping onepoint while pushing you in the wheelchair(i swear it makes it easier).

5)demand to be released 2 days early so u don't miss a seminar.

6)ask the 3rd shift nurses if u can use their computers to watch your taigi dvd at 3:30am

7) butter your hospital toast with plus ki so u can get out sooner

8)when offered a pain pill u respond "no thanks...could use some kiatsu though....know what that is?.......wanna learn?

9) think of all the ways your iv pole could be used as a weapon

10) you say "KAMPAI" when you take your pills
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