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Re: Re: Good Point

Originally posted by Don_Modesto

1-What made you think you'd learn it in aikido?

2-What did you want to learn?

3-What did you learn?

4-What taught you?

Oh, oh - Don, these are tricky questions. But they are the ones I am asked very often when I tell people I am practising aikido. So, thanks a lot to you for asking them . I started aikido just six months ago and have wondered myself a lot why I started and why I am still doing it. I am very curious what the answers will be in another 6 months, in a few years aso.

But anyway, here are my answers for the time being:

1) Well, I read a few things, heard a few comments on budo and MA and whenever they were about aikido-techniques I thought: wow, perhaps I will be able to do that (I hated sports all my life so far). But I didnīt think I would learn how to fight - I just wanted to get a better grip on myself.

2) see 1) and: Like the other two who answered so far (thankx ) , I had a list as long as my arm. But first place, I wanted to learn the techniques, the moving, the style. I expected the other, more philosophcal and strategic things would follow when the body and mind were ready and trained.

3) No, this would take toooooooooo much space

4) It was not a "what", but a"who", and it still is. All the people at the dojo, my senseis, and all the people I am talking (and writing ) with about aikido.

Sorry for all the words, have a sunny day,

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