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Last year I was practicing kaitenage with this kawaii Japanese girl who I had asked out earlier that day (she said "yes"). At that time, we were both 5th kyu students just trying to learn the correct form and motion of the technique. So we did it step by step. As in, #1: Nage steps to the side and forward, away from the line of attack; #2: Nage does this and that; and so on and so forth.

Finally we got to the part just before I was supposed to throw her. She bent down, ready to roll forward as soon as I "threw" her. As soon as I began to step forward into the throw, she started her roll.

Unfortunately she never got to complete it because I accidentally stepped on her hair, effectively stopping her movement and causing her to cry out in pain. I apologized profusely and asked if she was ok.

For a moment, I was afraid that

a.) our date was officially over before it even started


b.) we still had a date, but the accident was an ill omen foretelling a disaster of some sort.

Thankfully, neither scenario happened. We still went out after practice and really hit it off.

We're getting married next year, btw.
Okay, now this brings up two questions from me.

1) Wasn't it the kids, not the prospective boyfriend who were supposed to tear the hair from a girl?

2) You don't call getting married an 'impending disaster'? Especially since your wife-to-be knows how to apply wrist locks... And might still hold a grudge...
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