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Amir Krause
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Re: My thoughts about my dojo/sensei

A more senior teacher may be important at some stages, but as many here mentioned, I too doubt if it is more important then your connection to your Sensei.

I dislike your way of selection: you should have done your shopping earlier, and not after joining a dojo. At this point, I would suggest you stay for a year or few, at least as long as you enjoy your practice. because this teacher still has a lot to teach you (even a 1st Kyu might have enough knowledge and ability for you to learn a couple of years).
A higher ranked teacher might be better, mostly due to his additional experiance, but changing a dojo may ruin all your enjoyment of learning and is not worth it.

Further, each person should find the right teacher for him at his current stage. This teacher may not the best teacher in general nor the highest ranked.

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