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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Circles, Spheres, and Spirals: Thinking in Circles Without Getting Dizzy

Hi Lynn,

I enjoyed the article. I tend to think that aikido begins with the straight line, the path of light from one person to another, or the line of gravity toward the center of the earth. This is my interpretation of why ikkyo is the first principle. No matter how we move, these lines remain straight, but our trajectories along them result in curves, circles, spirals, and so on, when we adjust to changing conditions.

The willful changing of conditions is what makes reconciliation possible, and for that, we see the value of the circle and the arc.

These things are related. In your example about the forward roll, we see that the path of the roll on the ground is a straight line (if it's a good roll!). So we see that even our various geometries find agreement and congruence.

Aikido is wonderful for revealing the hidden geometries of the human form -- not just in body, but in mind as well.

Thanks for sharing the path of your own thoughts.

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