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Vincent Munoz
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Re: What makes Aikido aikido (to you)?

common guys, be practical.

My opinion when attacked, if i still have room to run, i will. If not, then it defends on the level of attack. If it looks the attacker is going to kill me, I will defend myself whatever it takes, whatever the outcome. When you're in real-world situation, it is difficult to control. It can be easy in the Mat.

For me harmony in aikido doesn't mean harmony. What it means to me is to harmonize your movements with the movements of your attacker (ki-musubi - to blend). To have em out of balance so it's easy to control.

Stop making things complicated. What we can do is practice whenever possible. Polish each movement and techniques in accordance with the principles of aikido so we will have the control when attack. And, Be good.

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