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Re: Aikido and Judo/jujitsu

I've only been practicing for a few months, so senior practitioners feel free to correct me.

There are lots of submission moves and pins. All of the basic immobilizations will end up with uke on the floor. Even as a beginner, these are taught before projections/throws, so I don't think they're rarely shown.

As for the atemi, it's more of a distractor than a strike meant to deliver some sort of injury. The atemi is meant to keep uke's mind off of punching you in the ribs (or elsewhere) if you've left that open in the technique. If you focus too much on the strike you'll become the attacker/uke, lose your center, and open yourself up. Also, if you wanted to strike effectively you would hit a vital area on uke (throat, groin, kidney) rather than use an atemi in the first place. This is more of what a karateka would do. Thus, there's not a great need to learn to strike effectively in aikido.

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