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Re: Shihonage roll-out

I would say the "proper" pin from shiho nague is not very reliable.
But we need to bear in mind that the shiho nague version we partice in training is relatively nice compare to the mean version of it. Uke does not have to wory so much about something being broken on him. So that need to be taken in considartion when you speak of escape.

Even though I thing the nice version is good enough to buy time to strike or to mount or to get a knee on the belly and beat him up or to have a little head start to get away
If all goes well it can stick but it is not likely on a resisting opponent.

Putting koshi in it and doing a less comfortable version than the "standard one" one will increase drastically your chance of pinning (if nothing go pop in the process) but the pin will be more like an ikkio (knee on the elbow version), nikkio and so on or kotegeishi depending how he lands.

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