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Newbie thoughts - think back your early years - what comes to your mind?

Hello everybody!

I am all wired up now. I have been training Aikido for about a month now and yesterday on my Aikido class for the first time I managed to perform a technique correctly getting an idea what Aikido is about.

On Aikido classes, as a former competitive bodybuilder (18 years of training) I have had problems using too much of my strength when trying to have the desired effect on the uke. It was a wonderful feeling yesterday to be able to perform a technique well and see the uke fly with only MINIMAL energy from my side. How is this possible, I thought. I definitely want to learn more about this!

I hope I will have a lot more of those "aha - I got it" feelings during the years to come. Bodybuilding has nothing more to offer for me anymore. It is time for something else and I think I have found it now.

I consider myself pretty old at the age of 35 to start doing budo. On the other hand - isnt Aikido a martial art that has people practicing at a very old age?

If you think back your first times in Aikido class, what comes to your mind? What were the things that got you hooked up? Are they still there or have they changed during years somehow? When you think about somebody with large amount of muscle mass starting aikido, is there any advice you would like to give?

What is the one, the most important thing that aikido brings to your life, if you have to name one?
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