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Re: Kubi Nage???

John Riggs wrote: View Post
I believe the Crane's refer to the head throws as men nage-been a long time since I looked at the video.
Men basically means 'face' and many of the Japanese compounds have the added meaning of what one does with the face: the look or expression. On p.233 on the book, Crane explains that it means 'head throw', but this is a very 'local' meaning, in my opinion.

We do the whole range of 'men-nage' waza illustrated on pp.238-241 of Cranes' book, but here they have always been called kubi-nage, because the neck is twisted.

The main term for head in Japanese is atama, also read as TO. As far as I know, the term does not appear in any terms for aikido waza.

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