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Re: Kubi Nage???

Manuel Aldunate wrote: View Post
Please if someone can tell me how to perform this technique, because Yudo Kubi nage seem to be different from the aiki way of applying it.

I founded this...
One shihan who used to do kubi-nage (kubi means neck, by the way, not head) was the late Morihiro Saito. At a seminar I attended he was doing it from kata-dori. He broke uke's balance, took the head, now in range of atemi, and twisted the neck (which is why it is dangerous). Hence the name. You can do at least a hint of this even in the very basic irimi-nage.

Of course there are a number of other waza where you can take the head, but do not necessarily twist the neck. The waza shown in the video is one of them.

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